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на определение уровня английского языка

Для получения достоверного результата мы рекомендуем проходить тест без словарей и вспомогательных ресурсов.

Как вы оцениваете свой уровень?

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«Where ________ Lucy from?» «She’s from Scotland.»

«Are they Italian?» «No, they ________. They’re French.»

My brother works for a magazine. He's a __________.

I work in a factory. I'm a ___________.

I must buy a new _________ . I'm always late for work.

I spoke to him ten minutes _____

They _______ like the film – they left after 10 minutes.

“How much coffee do you drink?” “Quite a _____”

It's _______ interesting book I've ever read.

There _______ a lot of people at the cinema last night.

“Would you like to fly a plane?” “No, I _________”<br>

I'm taller ______ my brother.

Is there ______ milk in the fridge?

I usually get up late _____ Sunday.

_______ your teacher live in London?

This bag is ______. Look! It's got my name on it.

We _________ British, we're American.

Did you watch the match ________ night?

I usually ________ up at about 8.30.

She lives in _________.

Can you come to dinner ________ Friday?

How often do you _______ the Internet?

Jack always ________ a sandwich and coffee for breakfast.

I ________ to the gym with Dave yesterday.

I often ________ a newspaper on Sunday mornings.

Is Sarah ________ work?

January is the ________ month of the year, and October is the tenth.

Sam is ________ bed.

Go ________ page 15, please.

I like ________ books.

I _______ at twelve o’clock.

She’s _________.

“Do you know Sophie?” “Yes. I met ________ yesterday. She’s nice.”

Where ________ she go yesterday?

Were they late? No, they ________.

I’m sorry, but you ________ park here.

Tom ________ live here in Manchester – he lives in London.

Where is ________ mother?

This is my sister. ________ name is Sally.

I ________ hot.

My father's sister is my _________.

The opposite of cheap is ________.

We have a shower in the _________.

We can buy vegetables at a _________.

He _______ for eight hours a night.

I need to send this letter. Where can I buy some _______ ?

I gave my brother a ________ for his birthday. He always loses his money.

A _________ is a place where you can borrow a book.

Do you always _______ breakfast?

This is my ________ card.

I'm bored. I don't have _________ to do.

Kate _______ dinner at the moment.

Paella ______ with rice.

He asked me what ________ to do.

A cheetah runs ________ than a horse.

It's a holiday. We ________ work today.

You drink _______ coffee.

Happy anniversary! How long ________ you ________?

Sue ______ come to us tomorrow. It depends whether she fixes her car.

Have you finished the report ____ ?

You don't do ______ exercise.

She ______ me she didn't want to go to the party.

If she wasn't good, she _______ get a promotion.

Bill is ______ intelligent than his brother.

Those jeans look nice. Would you like to ______ them on?

He was faster than the others and ______ the first prize.

I ______ on really well with my sister.

Are you looking _____ your birthday?

Sam _____ me he had finished his homework.

The opposite of dangerous is ______

They drove ______ the tunnel.

My aunt is really _______. She always brings me presents.

We _____ a really good time in Italy.

Can you turn ______ the TV? You're not watching it anyway.

________ your bed and tidy your room before you go out.

Where’s Jane?’ ‘She ________ to Greece. She’ll be back on Friday.

If I had the chance to live abroad, I ________ to Italy.

Didn’t you hear the door bell?’ ‘No, sorry. I ________ to music.

We can’t go to that pizzeria again! I ________ three times last week.

I would have helped you if you ________ me!

I ________ less sugary things at the moment because I am on a diet.

You will get the results of the exam in six weeks – a letter ________ to your house.

He ________ at the company for years, and he still loves it.

When I got home, I saw that somebody ________ into my house.

You can’t go out ________ you tidy your room.

If I ________ you, I’d complain to the manager.

Will you be ________ to cover for me tomorrow? I need to leave work earlier.

I'm responsible ________ the sales figures.

How much money did you take ________ of the cash machine?

I think ________ should be banned from children’s TV channels because they make them want material things.

Sally’s ________ her second year of university, studying biology.

Sandra’s so ________. She always gets people to do what she wants.

It’s convenient to buy things on ________. You just pay a little every month.

When we were in Spain, we couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. It was so ________.

You’re not allowed to drive in a ________ area.

Could you give me a 20% ________ on these gloves? There is a dirty mark on one of them.

I haven’t eaten anything since morning. I’m ________!

She’s so ________. It's very easy to hurt her feelings.

When I got ________ playing basketball, the doctor said I couldn’t play again for a month.

Tickets for The Beatles concerts always sold ________ really quickly.

___________ this pie?

Do you know what time ________?

She has ________hair.

I watch British and American films and series ________ forget my English.

________ the fact that the test was difficult, everybody passed.

William is in ________ hospital. He’s having an operation tomorrow.

________ are famous for their pasta.

The climbers have reached the ________ of Mount Everest.

________ of us finished the report in time. We were all late.

I liked ________ in their new house.

On the weather forecast they said that it’s ________ to rain at the weekend.

Take a map with you in case you ________ lost.

It sounds as ________ the people next door are having a party.

I’ve got a terrible ________ in my knee.

Watch ________! You nearly bumped into a lamppost.

Their restaurant ________ a huge profit last year.

He tried to chat ________ a girl who was waiting for a bus.

I find it really ________ when people barge into a conversation.

I burnt myself when I touched a hot frying pan, and now I’ve got a large ________ on my hand.

This sweater really ________ you. It makes you look younger.

I was really relieved when I passed my maths test because I hadn't been ________ to pass it.

You shouldn't believe anything you read in that magazine. It’s very ________.

The criminal was ________ guilty of stealing the money.

What’s happened? You look a bit ________ in the dumps today.

Don’t ________ your voice young man! I'm still your mother!

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Как вас зовут?

You’ve got such a bad cough, you really need to look after ________.

I’ve started running every day ________ I think it'll help me to keep fit.

The settlers ________ have left the area because they had difficulty herding.

We’re ________ find a supermarket. We’ve been driving for two hours.

Not until I’ve saved enough money ________ think about buying my own flat.

As I was ________, if we book a table in advance, we’ll be able to have dinner in that fancy restaurant on Friday.

Please let me ________! I’m sure you have more work to do than I have.

It looks ________ Jessica has finally learned to park.

She would rather ________ on holiday in July, but she had to wait until October. In the end, she had a great time.

________ I need is an extra day in the week.

I wish that I ________ Piet my phone number.

It’s ________ more difficult to find a cheap flat to rent.

You wouldn’t be in a hurry now if you ________ earlier this morning.

I don’t know my neighbours well at all. We ________ and smile when we see one another, but we’ve never spoken.

Being a dustman seems like a ________ job, but if without it, the city becomes an unbearable place to live in.

When I saw her new coat, I had to bite my ________. Obviously she thought it was really nice, but it looked terrible.

My dog is really ________ of the children. They can do whatever the like with her, for example, dress her and lead her around the house, and she never protests.

If it was ________ to me, I’d live in Sicily and would never work.

It usually isn’t very easy to ________ in when you're a newcomer.

The door made a ________ when it closed.

Debbie is my ________ – the daughter of my father’s new wife. We don't get along very well.

I arrived about an hour before the conference, so I ________ some time looking around the shops in the area.

It has been __________ by a company spokesman that the new factory will not open until next year.

I’m reading a very __________ book, and so I keep crying in public.

John’s lost his job, so for a few months they’ll have to get __________ on his wife’s salary.

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